Types of Skip Bins

The Various Types of Skip Bins You Can Hire From Sydney Waste Bin Companies

At the end of the day, a skip bin is basically just a large or small sized container that holds different types of trash from household products, office waste and industrial trash. Using these containers is a great way to eliminate waste simply, easily and very effectively. Waste disposal with skip bins makes it so simple to get rid of your waste and a good rental service will come to your home or office for pickup and delivery on a weekly basis.

The main thing that you need to consider is the reason why you are hiring a skip bin. Once you have determined the reason why you need a bin of this type, then you’ll have a better chance of figuring out the right size.
We will go over the various sizes and talk a little bit about their uses with you below.

Mini Skip Bins Sydney

Mini skips are perfect for the removal and disposal of household garbage. This small size bin is capable of garden waste, household garbage and other small renovation trash. At 4’ x 2.5’ x 3’, this bin is the perfect size to throw out about 25 large trash bags at one time. So it definitely holds a great deal of trash, but this is definitely a bin that is on the smaller side.

Medium Sized Skip Bins

This type of bin is perfect for those who are looking for a container that is about four cubic yards in size. This is about twice the size of a mini skip bin that we mentioned above.

A bin of this nature was created to carry bulk waste from industrial and office buildings, and it’s typically good to collect demolition work, computer junk, saw shavings, regular trash, chunks of ice, pieces of concrete and even liquid waste.

Jumbo Skips

These large skip bins are eight cubic yards or larger and can carry all types of rubbish removal.


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